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Time for inspiration: Free knitting patterns

Time for inspiration: Free knitting patterns

As Fall is approaching, it is time for inspiration and find new free knitting patterns for your new cozy garments to craft.

And while waiting for the novelties of your favorite local yarn store, you may start looking at your stash and browse through your preferred on-line magazines and/or Ravelry for inspiration. I find Ravelry particularly useful to combine inspiration and stash. I use to go directly to the advance search and start selecting the craft (knitting or crochet), weight, total yardage and number of colors of my stash, and keep browsing into the advance filter sections.

One of the interesting features of this advance filtering, is the “difficulty” rating. This is a good start for beginners, as most of the scored patterns are within the 3/10 threshold (easy) in this search option, and this rating is given by the actual ravelers that made a project out of the pattern. However, only 20% of the patterns are rated in this option. That means that either nobody has yet added a project or, in most of the cases, they forget to fill the “difficulty” attribute in the “about this pattern” section. Thus, dear ravelers, let me encourage you to fill as much information as possible on your projects to help our community!

Still there is another option to get the level of difficulty/skill level of a pattern, that is opening the pattern cover page. Here you will see more details about it, and some designers add this description in the notes section (end of the page). The difference here is that the scoring is made by the designer, and not the actual end-user. Being in both sides myself, I tend to believe that the designer scoring use to be biased towards the easy edge (:=).

In my designs, I like to combine colors and to offer easy and not too much yarn-consuming proposals. In previous posts I already added ideas useful for the fall ( Co-inspiration, Sari Wrap, Twisted Capelet, Greeny Poncho)l. Now, let me add some FREE new additions from my Ravelry store to help on your inspiration.

Texture Wrap: A collaboration with Infinite Twist with an ethereal texturized winged-shape shawl that combines different yarns, contrast color gradients and stitches to make a unique piece that will definitely will not go unnoticed. Skill Level: Intermediate.

Pi Poncho: A collaboration with Knotions Magazine with a basic poncho pattern is the perfect introduction to circular needles, knitting in the round, and easy lace patterns. Skill Level: Intermediate.

Happy crafting!

Sari Wrap

Sari Wrap

The Sari Wrap is my first collaboration with Knotions Magazine. The suggested themes in the call for submission were India and Garter Stitch.

My inspiration came from the colorful and ethereal saris from India. Saris are probably one of the most versatile outfits, as one size almost fits all and can be used practically all year around.

Since silk is the usual fiber used in their fabrics, I suggested a combination of Mohair-Silk to enhance the lightness and to allow enough dimension to be draped in different shapes. The piece is knitted in garter stitch with a needle size large enough to enhance this vaporous effect.

A distinctive feature of this piece is the color combination. Mohair-Silk gives a subtle glossy effect and texture that smooths the transition between the reddish and golden colors that you can see in this typical outfit. As a contrast in color and texture, black narrow stripes and a crab stitch finish in Alpaca-Silk are added as a nod to the kohl eyeliner.

The Sari Wrap pattern is available in Knotions and Raverly. In Ravelry you will also see several pictures of different ways of how to wear it. This is really an easy to make and with some imagination you can use all your mohair left overs !!! As with my previous suggestions (Mestral Purse & Top) , leave some free room in your stash for new goodies!!!.  

Last-Minute Christmas/New Year Gifts

Last-Minute Christmas/New Year Gifts

Already late for your last-Minute Christmas/New Year gifts? Here some tips that may help you to find ideas in Raverly.

First search for patterns and start filtering for yardage of 0-150 m/yrds. That will definitely give you a quick project to make. Then browse through the weight, and crochet/knitting (if needed). Apart from the classic headbands, hats, cowls, gloves and scarfs that you can find under the aran OR bulky OR super-bulky weights, you may also find some more original proposals as bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings with thinner yarns. If you find this alternative interesting, filter by categories-accessories-jewelry, and then short by rating, most popular, difficulty, yarn required of whatever term that better fits your choice.

Enjoy your last-minute handmade gifts with my best wishes for 2021!

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Sant Jordi: A Rose and my first Post

We begin during a very special week….

A confined Sant Jordi, but it is not necessary to give up roses. Here I leave a couple of ideas to maintain the tradition:

Fiori All’uncinetto-Crochet Flowers-deYouTube channel specialized in crochet flowers. The videos last less than 3 min (which I appreciate).

Here you also have the link to their Web to their e-books

Lalanalú just published on Instagram a free pattern with the possibility of acquiring the kit on their website

Happy Sant Jordi!