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Tied Fringe Shawl

Tied Fringe Shawl

Lidia Tied Fringe Shawl

When Nicole from I Like Knitting asked me to do something little different with the fringe of this winged wrap, I was not sure how it was going to end up. Finally, the double knot fringe along the top edge brings a stylish way to wear the shawl. In addition, the piece is big enough to be wrapped around the shoulders and tied with a vintage leather belt.

The combination of cotton and linen of Drops Belle, provides texture, lightness, rusticity and a subtle shine. Being knit in basic double seed/moss stitch, the shawl is reversible and ends with a simple eyelet pattern.

The Lidia Tied Fringe Shawl pattern is available in I Like Knitting Magazine, August 2021 issue and in Ravelry. From August to Autumn, this ILK issue is full of patterns to inspire you as you knit for what’s left of summer, while still prepare for chillier days ahead.

Happy knitting!

Lotus Socks

Lotus Socks

Talking about handmade socks almost always means thinking about knitting. However, you can also make crocheted socks that are as cozy and trendy as the knit ones. They are usually bulkier, but quicker to make.

If you are used to knit socks, you will need to pay attention to the stretch, thickness and yardage. Look at the June issue of Knotions Magazine to learn more about these differences and see some very useful tutorials, together with a couple of patterns, including my Lotus Socks.

This basic design, inspired by the lotus flower, is the perfect introduction to crochet socks. It is a fast and fun project to make, using extended single crochet, simple shaping, and minimal finishing.

Created toe-up, with a mini gusset and short-row heel, you have the advantage of trying your sock on as you go, making adjustments as necessary.

Ready to try?

Sari Wrap

Sari Wrap

The Sari Wrap is my first collaboration with Knotions Magazine. The suggested themes in the call for submission were India and Garter Stitch.

My inspiration came from the colorful and ethereal saris from India. Saris are probably one of the most versatile outfits, as one size almost fits all and can be used practically all year around.

Since silk is the usual fiber used in their fabrics, I suggested a combination of Mohair-Silk to enhance the lightness and to allow enough dimension to be draped in different shapes. The piece is knitted in garter stitch with a needle size large enough to enhance this vaporous effect.

A distinctive feature of this piece is the color combination. Mohair-Silk gives a subtle glossy effect and texture that smooths the transition between the reddish and golden colors that you can see in this typical outfit. As a contrast in color and texture, black narrow stripes and a crab stitch finish in Alpaca-Silk are added as a nod to the kohl eyeliner.

The Sari Wrap pattern is available in Knotions and Raverly. In Ravelry you will also see several pictures of different ways of how to wear it. This is really an easy to make and with some imagination you can use all your mohair left overs !!! As with my previous suggestions (Mestral Purse & Top) , leave some free room in your stash for new goodies!!!.  

Kairi Tank

Kairi Tank

Kairi Tank is a semi-cropped and loose sleeveless garment perfect for summer that can be also converted to a vest for late spring or end-of summer colder days. Its oversized shape allows it to easily fit any body type without too much effort in sizing. Mostly knitted in basic stockinette,  this piece incorporates eyelet sections in the shoulders and hip to provide some fun during your knitting.

Start preparing your summer outfit!

The Kairi Tank pattern is available in I Like Knitting Magazine, June 2021 issue, that features other lovely summer tops, cardigans and accessories.

As you have seen in may previous posts (Maya Bag & Espadrilles), I have collaborated before with I Like Crochet Magazine. This is the first time I publish in I Like Knitting, and I hope it is not going to be the last one!

Maya Mandala Bag

Maya Mandala Bag

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle, and it represents the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. A crochet mandala can be either a simplistic design with only one color and textured stitches or a complex mix of textures and colors. A circle is a perfect shape for a quick and easy bag, adapting the size as you go.

This Pattern combines both textured stitches and colored lines with subtle accents of glassy beaded yarn to create a kind of boho style. The combination of cotton and linen yarns are ideal for bags, since both fibers lack elasticity

This pattern combines with my Maya Espadrilles. In fact, they are a perfect and quick complementary project to use with the left-over yarns of the Maya Mandala Bag.

Maya Mandala Bag and Maya Espadrilles patterns are available in I Like Crochet Magazine, June 2021 issue, together with a bunch of other interesting summer crochet ideas.

Maya Espadrilles

Maya Espadrilles

Espadrilles are casual, flat shoes, characterized by a flexible sole made of esparto or jute rope. This footwear is typical in some regions of Spain as Catalonia and Basque Country. 

While the sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille, the uppers vary in style. Make your own custom espadrilles sandals by crocheting custom uppers with cotton and linen yarn. Since these fibers lack elasticity, they are perfect for creating a shoe that fits and won’t stretch out. 

In the Maya Espadrilles pattern, the top and heels are made of colorful crochet stripes, with the accent of a beaded yarn to create a subtle boho style. 

This pattern matches with my Maya Mandala Bag. Use leftover yarn from the Maya Mandala Bag to make a perfect match.

If you cannot find jute soles, flip-flop rubber soles can be an alternative. You just need to poke holes on the sole before adding toes and heels.

Maya Espadrilles and Maya Mandala Bag patterns are available in I Like Crochet Magazine, June 2021 issue, together with a bunch of other interesting summer crochet ideas.



Where does your inspiration/co-inspiration come from? 

In my case I have to confess that most of the times comes from others. In particular the themes that knit/crochet magazines and yarn stores announce periodically in their “call for submissions”. If you are not familiar with it, you can go to the following ravelry community forum

Here you can see some recent results of my co-inspiration.

I Like Crochet Magazine Jan/Feb 21 issue: Convertible Pocket Shawl. A quick and super simple, multi-use pocket shawl that features two angled pockets with decorative buttons and three invisible fasteners to convert the shawl into a capelet for optimal warmth.

I Like Crochet Magazine Jan/Feb 21 issue: Westerly Duster Cardigan. An oversized, seamless duster cardigan made with a combination of soft and lightweight yarns to provide a stylish and warm outfit.

Crochet Society Box 20: Half-Moon Rug. An easy, quick and fun project to make and ideal for adding a bit of color to a small home corner.

And what about you? What is your source of co-inspiration?

Cardigan Garbí: Lana de proximidad

Cardigan Garbí: Lana de proximidad

Hace unos días Misskitts publicó un post en su blog describiendo la historia que hay detrás de unos cuantos artesanos tintoreros y productores de lana de proximidad. Os lo recomiendo porque creo que es interesante tener conciencia del valor añadido que proporcionan estas pequeñas empresas. Para tener una lista más completa os recomiendo también la recopilación que tejereningles publicó hace un par de años. El Cardigan Garbí es mi contribución a la visibilidad de estos artesanos.

Hace unos meses tuve la oportunidad de conocer a una de estas pequeñas empresas artesanales, en un agradable fin de semana de “retiro tejeril” organizado por El Robledal y Bellotaknits De este retiro, ya han salido varios proyectos : #hardysweater#bennettshawl de patrones de la revista Bellota 4 , y el #lasantacardigan con madejas de El Robledal y patrón del libro Punto y a parte-II de Luymou .

El Garbí Cardigan es mi último proyecto inspirado en aquella experiencia. Con madejas fingering de la misma tonalidad que el #lasantacardigan, es un proyecto básico, perfecto para iniciarse con la técnica de 2 agujas. Dos rectángulos cosidos por los laterales y la espalda, que combinan punto jersey, punto bobo y un sencillo calado. Solo necesitareis algo más de una madeja de 100 g y un botón. Y aunque el patrón describe 3 tallas (S, M, L), es difícil que una vez acabado no os quede a medida y de lo más favorecedor.  La lana utilizada le da una caída fantástica y la calidez adecuada para combinarlo con un vestido o top veraniego.

Como siempre, encontrareis el patrón en Etsy y Ravelry. Además, también puedes encontrar otras ideas sobre proyectos “rectangulares” en mi Board de PinterestInspiration: rectangle knitting & crochet patterns.  

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Garbi Cardigan: Local Wool

Garbi Cardigan: Local Wool

Few days ago Misskitts published a post on its blog describing the story behind a few local dye artisans and wool producers. I recommend it to you because I think it is interesting to be aware of the added value that these small companies provide. To have a more complete list, I also recommend the compilation that tejereningles published a couple of years ago. The Garbi Cardigan (or Garbí Cardigan) is my contribution to the visibility of these artisans.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet one of these artisan producers in a pleasant weekend of weaving retreat organized by El Robledal and Bellotaknits . Several projects have already come out of this retreat: #hardysweater , #bennettshawl from magazine Bellota 4 , and the #lasantacardigan with skeins of El Robledal and patttern from the book Punto y a parte-II of Luymou.

The Garbi Cardigan is my latest project inspired by that experience. With fingering skeins of the same shade as the #lasantacardigan, it is a basic project, perfect to start with the 2-needle technique. Two rectangles stitched on the sides and the back, which combine stockinette stitch, garter stitch and a simple lace. You will only need a little more than 1 skein of 100 g and a button. And although the pattern describes 3 sizes (S, M, L), it is difficult that once finished it does not fit you nicely. The wool used gives it a fantastic fit and the right warmth to combine it with a summer dress or top.

As always, you will find the pattern in Etsy and Ravelry. In addition, you can also find some more inspirations about “rectangle” projects in my Pinterest Board; Inspiration: rectangle knitting & crochet patterns.

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Cardigan Garbí: Llana de proximitat

Cardigan Garbí: Llana de proximitat

Fa uns dies Misskitts va publicar un post al seu blog descrivint la història que hi ha darrere d’uns quants artesans tintorers i productors de llana de proximitat. Us el recomano perquè crec que és interessant tenir consciència de el valor afegit que proporcionen aquestes petites empreses. Per tenir una llista més completa us recomano també la recopilació que tejereningles va publicar fa un parell d’anys. . El Cardigan Garbí és la meva contribució a la visibilitat d’aquests artesans.

Fa uns mesos vaig tenir l’oportunitat de conèixer a una d’aquestes petites empreses artesanals, en un agradable cap de setmana de “retir tejeril” organitzat per El Robledal i Bellotaknits . D’aquest retir, ja han sortit diversos projectes: #hardysweater #bennettshawl de patrons de la revista Bellota 4 , i el #lasantacardigan amb troques del Robledal i patró de el llibre Punto y aparte part-II de de Luymou.

El Cardigan Garbí és el meu últim projecte inspirat en aquella experiència. Amb troques fingering de la mateixa tonalitat que el #lasantacardigan, és un projecte bàsic, perfecte per iniciar-se amb la tècnica de 2 agulles. Dos rectangles cosits pels laterals i l’esquena, que combinen punt jersei, punt “bobo” i un senzill calat. Només necessitareu una mica més d’una troca de 100 g i un botó. I encara que el patró descriu 3 talles (S, M, L), és difícil que un cop acabat no us quedi a mida i d’allò més afavoridor. La llana utilitzada li dóna una caiguda fantàstica i la calidesa adequada per combinar-ho amb un vestit o top estiuenc.

Com sempre, trobareu el patró a Ravelry en Anglès, castellà i català. Si el voleu només en català, el podeu trobar també a Etsy a un preu especial!. A més a més, també podeu trobar algun altre idea sobre projectes recangulars al meu Board de Pinterest: Inspiration: rectangle knitting & crochet patterns.

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