Mestral Top: Stripes & Leftover Yarn (I)

There are different techniques to make color kitting patterns (Intarsia, Stranded, Brioche,…). However, for leftover yarn projects stripes are the easiest. In this post you will find some ideas and a practical example: the Mestral Top.

Stripes are one of the simplest color knitting patterns, and the easier to use with leftover yarn. You just need to choose the right combination of colors, at the right proportion and start knitting.

Right Combination

To choose the right color combination is useful to have a color wheel. You can find some simple free apps available in Apple store.

Pick the main color, and depending on what you like to do or which colors you have available, you need to decide which type of combination (complementary, split complementary, triad, analogous,…) you want to make. 

Choose colors with high contrast. And make sure one of your colors is relatively light/bright and one is relatively dark so that the pattern will show up. You can take a black and white snapshot of your yarns together to see how well they contrast.

Neutrals colors (white, black, greys, browns, tans and cream) combine with everything and sometimes are useful to soften a too much vibrant composition.

Right Proportion

If you want your project to be in a main overall color, at least 50 percent of the chosen yarn should be in that color and 40 percent or less should be for the second one. Only around 10 percent should come from the third color, which will be the one to add contrast.

To increase the number of colors you may consider changing the saturation of your current main and second colors (making them lighter or darker), and maintain the >50/ <40/><10 proportion, rather than adding different ones.

The Mestral Top

The Mestral Top can be an example of how to use leftover yarn for a knitting project.

Four different color leftover yarns of similar weight/composition (cotton L).

  • 70%: Blue-green (Turquoise) with 2 levels of saturation.
  • 20%: Neutral (creme).
  • 10%: Orange/Mustard (complementary).

Moreover, adding different knitting stitches, may also help when your yarn has (slightly) different weights.

Do you want to try? You can find the Mestral Top pattern in my Ravelry and Etsy stores. In addition you may also find some more inspirations in my Pinterest board.

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