Twisted Capelet

In this new pattern, the Twisted Capelet, I have used a technique that I found to be very useful, not only to finish with an ending that will facilitate to nicely seam two pieces together, but also to keep these stitches again later if you do not know how long to make something: The Provisional Cast-On.

There are several methods for creating a provisional cast-on. In these links you will find short videos that will show you how to make the ones I consider more useful:

One-step method, (a 7 min video in Spanish) that cast stitches directly onto the needle.

Two-step crochet method (a 3 min video in English) that uses a crochet chain first and then pick stitches upon from that chain.

One-step crochet method (a 2 min video in English) that also uses a crochet, but cast stitches directly onto the needle.

In any case you will need to use a spare yarn of similar weight and with a contrast color to facilitate its removal.

In this picture you will see how this technique helps in making a nice finish on the Twisted Capelet.

provisional cast on

The Twisted Capelet is a multicolored flat-worked pattern in a bias construction that is finished twisted and joined to form a fake Moebius shape with a nice triangle shape in the back.

You will find more information about this pattern in Raverly.

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