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Mestral Purse: Stripes & Leftover Yarn (II)

Mestral Purse: Stripes & Leftover Yarn (II)

In the previous post I suggested using leftover yarn to make a simple Summer Top with circular needles (Mestral Top). Since I still had about 100 grams left, I thought of doing something even simpler, and this time in crochet. The result: the Mestral Purse.

In this project I have used a color ratio similar to the Top, and some basic crochet stitches. Being a small pouch, depending on the handle you put on it, you can also use it as a fanny pack. Being also small in size, knitted in crochet and with quite thick stitches, there is no need to add a lining, although this always depend on how you like it…

The two projects together need less than 600 grams in total in 4 colors. A good excuse to reduce your stash!

Like the Mestral Top, you have the pattern of the Mestral Purse in Ravelry and Etsy.

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Bosseta Mestral/Mestral Purse: Stripes & Leftover yarn (II)

Bosseta Mestral/Mestral Purse: Stripes & Leftover yarn (II)

En el post anterior us suggeria utilitzar restes de cabdells per fer un senzill Top d’estiu amb agulles circulars (Top Mestral). Com encara em sobraven uns 100 grams, vaig pensar en fer encara més simple, i aquesta vegada en crochet. El resultat: la Bosseta Mestral, o Mestral Purse.

En aquest projecte he utilitzat una proporció de colors similar al Top, i uns punts de ganxet bàsics. Sent una bosseta petita, i depenent de la nansa que li posis, també ho podràs utilitzar de ronyonera. Sent de mida petita, teixit en ganxet i amb punts bastant tupits, no hi ha necessitat de posar folre, encara que això sempre va a gustos

Els dos projectes necessiten en total menys de 600 grams en 4 colors. Una bona excusa per reduir vostre stash!

A l’igual que el Top Mestral, el patró del Mestral Purse el teniu a Ravelry i Etsy.

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